Review: Solo Pizzeria, Edinburgh

AFTER AN EXHAUSTING weekend watching Sarah’s niece, we needed some relaxation time. Going out for beer and pizza seemed the logical thing to do.  I don’t recall how Solo Pizzeria entered my thoughts, but after a glowing review on my fellow blogger Blythe’s trusted site,, it seemed worth a visit – I was in no mood for a bad feed.

Solo occupies the space previously used as the sit-in area for the superb Tailend chippy on Albert Street near the top of Leith Walk (the takeaway part still operates).  I was a little confused when they converted the seemingly popular fish and chips eatery into a pizza joint, but perhaps the increase in student accommodation in the area has led to the change.  It will face stiff competition from the well-loved Origano and the usual array of pizza chains that also trade in this area, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out. 

We booked ahead but found it to be completely empty, a strange occurrence given it was a payday weekend.  Our server was very bubbly and friendly on arrival, and escorted us to our table. The menu offers a range of starters, as well as a few pasta dishes and burger options, but the kitchen boasts a wood-fired oven so pizza was always going to be on the agenda.

I went for the vulcano which was one of the pricier options at £11.50.  The toppings consisted of spicy chicken, sausage, olive oil, tomatoes, and mozzarella.  Visually, this looked like a top pizza.  When you cut pizza into wedges you’re hoping for a slight curve at the point, which this one had, although it was a little bit soggy (perhaps from the added olive oil).  The outer crust was crisp and there was a real beery yeastiness to the dough.  There was suitable spice from the meat elements and a slight tang of tomato.  It was quite a rich pizza and I struggled to finish, but that’s a sign of quality ingredients being used – this is something most restaurants declare but very few ever deliver.

Sarah ordered the diavola (£9.50) which boasted, to my envy, a crisper centre than mine.  The spicy Italian salami was indeed fiery and brimming with flavour. There was also plenty of it.  The mozzarella was well-baked into the base and Sarah often commented how enjoyable it was to eat.

I washed mine down with a very tasty glass of pecorino (£5 for a large) that offered a mineraly flavour with a slight saltiness to it. Indeed, it pleasingly suited to pizza as billed on the menu. Sarah’s pint of Menabrea (£4.95) helped alleviate some of the kick from that peppery salami. Service was attentive and positive throughout.

I’m pleased to reiterate Blythe’s sentiments on Solo Pizzeria. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the pizza impressive. It’s definitely worth trying out – I’ll certainly be back.
Twitter: @Solopizzeria
Address: 14/15 Albert Place, Edinburgh, EH7 7HN
Phone:   (0131) 241 0732