Public meeting to be held in defence of artisan food and Errington Cheese

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Following widespread disquiet amongst food lovers and small food companies over the treatment of the Errington Cheese Company by Food Standards Scotland, leading figures on the Scottish food scene are launching a body to highlight threats to the future of artisan food in Scotland.

Concern continues to mount amongst those who wish to safeguard Scotland’s food heritage that small-scale producers of real food are increasingly forced to operate in a hostile regulatory environment, one that favours large-scale industrial processed food and endangers the very existence of true, artisan food culture in Scotland.

The crowd funder set up to help the Errington family’s legal fight against the ban on its cheese has already reached £23.5k- a powerful indication of the strength of public feeling on this subject.

So top chefs, cooks, writers, and Scottish food experts have formed the Committee For the Defence of Artisan Food. Its purpose is:

“To support and defend small businesses and artisans producing real, healthy, small-scale foods against any arbitrary, unreasonable, disproportionate actions by food and/or public health authorities”.

The committee (see list of members below) officially launches at a major public meeting on Thursday 2nd February 2017, at 7pm, in The Sanctuary, at Augustine United Church, 41-43 George IV Bridge, in Edinburgh.

Speakers will include:
- Humphrey Errington, founder of Errington Cheese
- Wendy Barrie, Director Scottish Food Guide and Scottish Cheese Trail
- Pamela Brunton, chef and co-owner of the award-winning Inver Restaurant
- Joanna Blythman, food journalist and author

Everyone is welcome. Any questions please contact Joanna Blythman on Twitter @Joanna Blythman


  1. Can't wait to see their fantastic cheese back on sale, thanks to all the hard work hopefully... And so important to protect other artisan producers. Even a flourish of Harry Potter-esque naming... Great stuff.


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