The latest addition to my knife wallet

WHEN IT COMES to making great food it's essential to have the right tools at your disposal.  I have tried many different brands and types of chef's knives in my time as a chef and home cook but always go back to my first love - Wüsthof Classics.

When I started my first job in a kitchen, one of the best lessons chef taught me was to go and buy a bag of carrots and keep cutting them into various shapes until I achieved the desired level of consistency.

I bought my Wüsthof 8" Classic chef's knife (there are many different shapes and sizes but you tend to find an 8" chef's knife will be the one you use most) when I was still at college after enjoying using my lecturer's set of Wüsthofs.  At the time it cost around £100, which seems a lot of money for one knife but such is the quality and craftsmanship of Wüsthof products, I still have it today - eight years later - and it's just as sharp as when I first picked it up.

Recently there was a new addition to my knife wallet in the shape of the Wüsthof Classic santoku knife (7").  Holding a blade that feels comfortable in your hand is essential, particularly if you are going to be chopping for a substantial amount of time. The ergonomic handle just feels like an extension of my arm and having a knife with a bit of weight to it gives you confidence in the quality of the knife. I just don't trust lightweight knives!

The balance of this new knife is perfect, as I found previously with my 8" knife and their weight lends well for cracking bones if doing butchery work.  I do find Wüsthofs maintain their sharpness very well, which is a definite plus as using a steel can be difficult. I have always maintained it using a Wüsthof diamond steel and by taking it to my local butcher to sharpen on his stone.

This santoku features little hollows that ensure food doesn't stick to the blade when chopping finely. The razor sharp blade is constructed from forged high-carbon stainless steel so when you start chopping, it glides through whatever is in its path - just make sure it's not your fingers!

Talking of cuts, if you are going to have a mishap, it's far better to do so with a sharp blade like this than a blunt one as it will yield a clean cut.

With so many kitchen gadgets available these days, it's very easy to fill up your cupboard and drawers with a tool for every kitchen task under the sun.  However, being a practical cook has taught me that most of these toys are actually unnecessary and that most jobs in the kitchen can be done with a just a few trusty knives and a little bit of practice.

While it might seem a lot to shell out around £100 for one knife, it is really worth it.  It will last forever and will never let you down.  Wüsthof has been making knives for the professional chef and the enthusiastic home cook for over two decades - they know a thing or two about quality products.

You can purchase Wüsthof products as well as a huge range of other cookware from Haus  Happy shopping!