Recipe: Heritage tomato omelette

I RECKON YOU can tell a good chef from a bad one by the way they make an omelette. It's such a classic skill and the beauty is really in the simplicity of it.  I often rustle one up for breakfast as it's quick to do and provides plenty of protein to fuel your day.  I'm using heritage tomatoes here because they're a food that just makes me happy, ultimately, but it's a very versatile dish that you can use whatever you have lying around in the fridge.

It's important to use the correct pan for this.  You need a non-stick one large enough to evenly spread a fairly thin layer of the beaten egg so it will cook quickly. I actually have a specific pan just for omelettes! It happens to be the base of Sarah's old egg poacher, but it's the perfect size for this!  I like mine classically baveuse, but feel free to cook it longer if you don't.

Happy cooking!

Ingredients (serves 1):

3x large free-range eggs 
Small splash of milk
Knob of butter
Handful or Heritage tomatoes, sliced
Half a ball of mozzarella, torn
Chilli sauce
Sea salt
Black pepper

Served with a dressed rocket salad and chilli sauce in this instance


1) Warm your grill up. Melt a small knob of butter in your omelette pan, just so it coats the surface and no more.

2) Beat your eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk.  Place into the pan and continually stir with a fork or spatula to allow even cooking.  Make sure to pull it away from the sides and into the middle, too.

My trusty pan has seen a bit of action in its time
3) When a thin 'skin' has formed on the base, place the cheese on top and place under the grill to melt for a minute or so.  

4) Season at this point and sprinkle the tomatoes over the centre of the omelette.

5) Now to the fun part! Hold the pan at a 45-degree angle and gently free the top of the omelette from the pan with a spatula.  Adjust the angle of the pan as you go and gravity will ensure it folds over.

6) Place a plate on top and confidently flip the omelette out.  Add more of the tomatoes on top and serve with desired garnish


  1. Oh Fanny would be so pleased to see this, she was obsessed with how people made omelettes, insisted that we own a special pan JUST for omelettes (although she treated hers with pork fat and never washed it) and recommended that they were always served baveuse... I too love Heritage Tomatoes! Lovely...

  2. Pork fat? hmmm interesting. An adult recently asked me what an omelette was. Would you believe it!?


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