Recipe: Scottish tablet with whisky and maple syrup

RECENTLY SARAH AND I attended the wedding of her father to Anne-Marie Murphy, who happens to come from over the pond in Canada.  To help celebrate the occasion, I was charged with producing tablet for the wedding favours.  Naturally, whisky and maple syrup would be the flavours of the day on this momentous occasion.

Maple syrup really takes me back to my childhood.  When my brothers and I stayed at my nan and grandad's at Southerton Crescent in Kirkcaldy, nan would make us waffles with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast whilst our pack of Yorkies mooched under the table for bacon.

This was back in the early 90s when maple syrup was difficult to get in the UK, but grandad worked in the States and would bring back bottles of it from over the border.  It's funny, my nan's recipe was passed down through the generations, but they never quite taste the same as the waffles nan made for us.


75g unsalted butter
250gml full fat milk
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
900g caster sugar
397g can, condensed milk
75mls, whisky
200mls maple syrup

1) Melt the butter in a large pan with the milk. Add the sugar.  Bring to the boil for 3-4 mins until sugar begins to dissolve.

2) Add the condensed milk and Golden Syrup then gently stir constantly for 20 mins. The mix should start to thicken. For the maple syrup tablet, add now.

3) If making whisky tablet, add now and remove from the heat.  Beat thoroughly until mix thickens further

4) Pour into a tin lined with baking parchment and allow to set.

5) Cut into desired shapes and serve.  Should keep for up to a week easily.


  1. Looks lovely and crumbly! I'm off to a wedding this week - my Canadian cousin is coming over here to get married - wish I'd thought of this for them!


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