Stornoway black pudding, seared scallop with caramelised apple, apple + onion velouté and Parma ham crisp.

Scallops and Stornoway black pudding are just two examples of the fabulous produce we have in Scotland. Not only do they taste great, they also require very little cooking time -  ideal for coming home on those cold winter nights.  Please make sure you buy hand-dived and not dredged scallops. Visit a reputable fish monger (I use Something Fishy on Broughton St.)  and avoid supermarket fish counters where possible.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1/4 Charles MacLeod Stornoway black pudding (or 300g equivalent) 
2x  Scallops
3x  Apples (Granny Smith's are my usual choice)
1 Large onion, finely diced
Caster sugar
Chicken stock
White pepper
Bunch of chives, finely chopped
75ml Double cream
2 Slices Parma ham
Rapeseed oil
20g Butter


1) Turn grill onto high heat. Sweat the onions for the velouté in a medium-hot pan for 8-10 mins until soft, do not allow to colour.
2) Add the apples and gently cook until they start to break down, season, add the chicken stock to cover and cook until apples are soft enough to cut through.
3) While the velouté cooks, place a non-stick frying pan on a high heat.  Place a piece of greaseproof paper on top of the slices of Parma ham, lightly oil the pan and press the Parma ham down flat for 1-2 mins.  Flip over for another minute, ensuring Parma ham is pressed down flat. Set aside on kitchen roll.
4) Blitz the velouté and check seasoning. Set aside in a pan to reheat later.
5) Place the sugar in a dry pan and allow to melt to make caramel.  When sugar turns brown, add a splash of water to stop cooking, then add apple segments. Cook for 2 mins on each side, then set aside.
6) Slice the black pudding to give a flat base and then slice diagonally to create two equal portions (see pic). Place under the grill for around 3 mins, turning after two minutes.
7) Place a non-stick frying pan on a high heat.  Oil the scallops and place in pan for 1 minute.
8) As the scallops cook, remove the black pudding and place in middle of the bowl.  Ladle the velouté into bowl.
9) Turn scallop, add butter and baste.  Remove and place next to black pudding. Place Parma ham crisp in between the two, place apple segments around plate and sprinkle around the chopped chives.

Season and serve. 

Please source your fish and shellfish ethically and responsibly.


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