Roast breast of pigeon on a potato and carrot 'risotto' with asparagus and wild mushrooms

This dish came to me on my way back from my interview with Amanda and Jimmy at Ostlers Close (see previous article).  The chat inspired me even more to use locally sourced ingredients and I had a great time going around some of Fife's amazing farm shops.  It's a fairly quick dish to put together once the prep is done!  I hope this inspires you to bypass the supermarket and pay our local farm shops a visit.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1x whole pigeon
6x Jersey Royals, cut into brunoise (small dice)
1x carrot (large)
Two handfuls of wild mushrooms, diced
1x sprig of rosemary
1x shallot, diced finely
3x cloves, garlic
650mls good quality chicken stock (150mls for sauce)
8x aparagus spears, trimmed
10g butter
350mls red wine
Splash, white wine
Truffle oil to finish


1) Slice one of the garlic cloves and chop the rosemary, add a little oil, salt and pepper and rub the pigeon with the mix.  Leave covered in the fridge overnight.

2) Place the red wine and stock in a pan and allow to reduce until syrupy. Adjust seasoning accordingly.

3) In the mean time, seal the pigeon in a hot frying pan and transfer to a pre-heated oven (180C) for around 20 mins for pink.  This time is just a guideline - always check your meat by pressing with your fingers; it should be slightly firm and bounce back when pressed.

4) Cut the potato and carrot into brunoise (the idea being the potatoes are like grains of rice) and dice the shallot and garlic.  Fry the shallot gently for 2 mins, then add carrot and potato and garlic.  Fry for a minute then add the white wine.  Simmer for a minute then add a ladle of stock, just to cover, as with a normal risotto. Add another label when reduced and so on...

5) Melt the butter in another and fry the mushrooms, adding a good pinch of pepper (set aside)

6) When cooked, remove the pigeon to rest.  Heat up a griddle pan until very hot and thow in the trimmed asparagus, shaking the pan vigourously for a minute, then add a knob of butter and season.

7) Remove the pigeon breasts from the carcass.  Add some of the mushrooms to the risotto mix, splash with truffle oil and spoon onto the plate.  Slice the pigeon and place breast on top. Place the asparagus around the plate, then scatter the mushrooms around.  Drizzle with the red wine sauce.


  1. Which farm shops did you use to source all of these wonderful ingredients, Phil?

  2. I used mainly Ardross farm just outside Elie in Fife and also Balgove Larder in St. Andrews. I visit Blacketyside farm often too.


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